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"Fistan" , my first cat. When the cat population hit 8 in the house, she said 'ugh' and made the next door neighbour fall in love with her and then moved in to her house to be the one and only and never came back.
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Pictures and stories of my cats which are my "Inspiration Fairies", and the paintings they have inspired...
Kırmızı Penceleri Ev
Fistan II
Fistan KüçükGri ve Benek
Teraslı evin kedileri
Şenlik II
Kar manzaralı pencere
Kiraz ve Balıklar
Kiraz portre
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"Kiraz" , the king of my house ! In the year '93, I found her in front of  ' Kiraz Delicatessen' when she was a tiny little baby whose umblical cord hadnt fallen off yet. Either the mother was lost or the kids had taken her away. I raised her with baby bottle feeding.
"Misket". My MissCat, my queen ! Apple of my eye ! In the year '94, from the moment I nestled him, she became my sweetheart. Sometimes, the way she stares at me, makes me think she is trying to give me telepathic messages which I am unable to read.
Misket ve kızı
Benimle Kal
Matisse kedileri
Misket'in desenli battaniyesi
Misket'in rüyası
Sarı koltuk
Sarmaş dolaş
Tılsım II
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"Shiva", my dowdy Iranian princess. In the year '94, when I first saw her, she was as dirty as a floor cloth, had sticky hair, eye discharge and looked very unhealthy. But she was so friendly and lovable...
My Cotton Princess remained dowdy forever, she never managed to clean herself up.
Even though she mated with very handsome boys of her race,  she did not become pregnant so we thought she was infertile. Until, our princess, matured as a 6 year old, gave her heart to our neighbourhood's rowdy tabby cat and decided to conceive. The first birth added 'Safinaz' and 'Foxy' and the next birth added ' Süt', 'Sahlep' and ' Havuc' to our family.

Shiva II
Shiva ilk
Shiva kolaj
Shiva'nın rüyası
Shiva uyurken
Shiva ve Chinchilyo
Pamuk Prensesim
Işıklı Bahçe
Kedili evim/sedir
Kedili sedir
Şenlik I
Yalı kedisi
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