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Pictures and stories of my cats which are my "Inspiration Fairies", and the paintings they have inspired...
"KüçükGri" ( LittleGrey ).  The guests visiting the house almost always give the same reaction to the small bear come running when I call out ' LittleGrey ' 'oh, small ? ' When I found him in the garden, he became the smallest cat in the house and the name got stuck with him. He knows his name well and he is the smartest cat in the house. He is a master at opening the refrigerator door ( only because of him I had to put a child lock on the refrigerator ). He talks his needs  ( I am not sure if its me understanding his language or he mastered telepathy ),  he stands in front of me, and keeps miawing persistenly with his marvellous ugly voice until he gets what he wants....
KüçükGri ve balıklar
KüçükGri ve SarıBey
Erguvani Evin Kedileri
Fistan KüçükGri Benek
Kar manzaralı pencere
Kedili Kadın
3 Kedi
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"Benek" ( Freckle ). Oh God, I have never seen such a naughty, hyperactive cat ( until number 10 ' Yoda' joined our family ). He was a little bitty infant when my neighbour left him under my balcony in an empty box for my care. İ fed and raised my Benek with a baby bottle. Even when he was palm sized, he used to climb my legs and sat on my shoulder.
I named a paiting of mine ' Despite Benek '. It was a big canvas and was placed on the ground while I was working on it.  Whenever I stroke the brush, Benek would play along the brush with his paw strokes behind the canvas. Finishing the painting despite Benek was astonishing.

Benek'e rağmen
Benek ve mühürler
Benek ve Misket
Kedili köşe
Basti Yastık Benek
Kar manzaralı pencere
Fistan KüçükGri Benek
Kedili Evim/merdiven
"Safinaz". My coddled princess. The daughter of  'Shiva'. She inherited her mother's long feathers and beautiful face and the colours, plus the shyness are from her dad, the neighbourhood's toughie tabby boy.
Safinaz ve balıklar
Kedili evim/merdiven
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"Süt" ( Milk )  my baby. The daughter of  'Shiva'.  She had to go through a lot. While I was carrying my paintings to the car for the exhibition in Ankara, she and her siblings decided to sneak out the door to explore the apartment's interior... We were able to locate 'Havuc' and 'Sahlep' but this one gone missing ! I had a plane to catch up so I had to leave but I left behind  trusted volunteered pals to find her... I came back.   I searched every place, asked every neighbour. Everybody was saying the same thing. 'we saw a white cat, we tried to catch but she was so frightened, so she ran away'. I was going crazy ! 2 months later, an unfortunate coincedence, her brother, 'Sahlep' as snowwhite as her did not return  from the garden. I searched the whole garden, nothing... A last effort, I called out his name  'Sahlep' in the trash depot.  I heard a miaw but no it was not Sahlep's voice.  I thought maybe it is Süt so I dived into the trash dump and there she was ! Wounded and bruised ! I grabbed back of her neck and put her inside my sweater, first to the house then to the vet... Outcome : when a 3 months old tiny home kitten forced to live on the streets for 2 months, my baby Süt ended up as the shiest cat of the house.
Kırmızı Pencere
Süt Hayal Dünyasında
Süt portre I
Süt portre II
Balıklı Rüya
Bir Sonbahar Sabahı
Gün Batımını Beklerken
Kırmızı Masa
Mart Kedisi I
Mart Kedisi II
Uykudan Önce
Ve sen geldin, her şey değişti
Süt Firarda
Pencere/patchwork I
Pencere/patchwork II
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