The most frequently asked question to me is " Why is it always a cat  ? "
I paint with the inspiration I get from the beauty of the cats. If any other beauty gives me the same inspiration, I can switch to a different subject.  This is something divine. The beauty of the cats granted by the creator fascinates me.
Cat is an object I admire and I try to capture the beauty visible to my eyes. But the fact is I reflect my own emotions via the object.  The loneliness of a single cat on the painting reflects my loneliness, the cats cuddling each other is my happiness, the expression in a cat's gaze is my perception of life.
In my latest exhibitions,  paintings I named "puzzle" have been displayed mostly.  In these, the composition of the painting is divided into thousand pieces by sharp lines. Each piece is independent of each other but impacts the whole greatly; same as the impact of each seemingly insignificiant moment has on our days and our lives.
Cats have been a source of inspiration to people in  many different fields of art for many centruies. To me they are creatures of admirable beauty with their highly aesthetic lines. Plus, they are mysterious, have an undefinable stare as if saying I can read into your soul...
When you are painting you desire to capture the beauties you admire; so my inspiration is Cats.

Cats are not ungrateful.

By the way, cats are not ungrateful ! Just because you gave them a slice of food, do you expect them to bring you your slippers ? Best teachers to learn from what unconditional love is, but at the end when they curl up in your lap and purr, you are rewarded with a feeling smilar to how you feel when you hug your best friend. Equipped with razor sharp nails and sharp teeth preventing abuse, carrying the genes of their ancestor, the king of the forest whose basic instict is to hunt, cats are tiny puring flufy creatures.

( Retrieved from Kapital magazine interview )

-In your paintings, eyes of the cats are very noticable, they seem to be the essence of the painting.  What is it that you are trying to express ?

Same as in real life, eyes mirror the soul.  I always paint the eyes last,  the painting which feels uncompleted until that moment, becomes alive, comes to life when the eyes start looking at me...
Humans feel they form a warmer and closer bond  when their eyes contact while communicating. I love to see the twinkle in those beautiful eyes when I eye contact with my cats and the cats in my paintings.

( Retrieved from Cumhuriyet, Deniz Uslu interview )

My star ' Cats of Istanbul' which I illustrated for ' Stars of Istanbul' Project in Support of Unicef was exhibited at Nişantaşı Abdi İpekçi Street, under the sponsorship of Elle Decoration.

"Stars of İstanbul" Project
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From my first exhibition to my last painting, I present my entire painting archive here. You can visit the exhibition halls by clicking on the buttons of the exhibition hall, or by clicking on the scrolling pictures for more detailed viewing.
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